The Fargo-Moorhead Community Bicycle Workshop

In a small storefront at 209 NP Avenue in downtown Fargo resides the Fargo-Moorhead Community Bicycle Workshop (workshop).  The Workshop is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 9pm and on Sunday from 2pm to 5pm.

The Workshop provides a number of different opportunities for folks to learn about reclaiming bicycles and the types of skills needed to reclaim bicycles.  The Workshop acts as a community workspace in which the public can come in and make their own repairs on their bicycles while using Workshop tools and supplies at a minimal hourly fee.  The Workshop also acts an education space for teaching repair skills, bicycle driving skills as well as transit bicycle rack usage.

I had the opportunity to complete a disc brake equipped mountain bike that was missing wheels.  The frame was in very good condition and the Workshop had a front disc brake equipped wheel.  I purchased a disc compatible rear wheel from Great Northern Bicycle Company.  The tires and tubes were available at the Workshop.  A little more access to the Workshop would have been helpful to expedite the completion of the bicycle.  This may become a reality sometime in the future.   FMCBW 1 FMCBW 3FMCBW 2 FMCBW 4 FMCBW 5

The Workshop just started a membership program in April which paying members pay an annual fee to use a special backroom equipped with bicycle repair stands and its own sets of tools.  It will be interesting to see how successful this program is.

‘Til next time, ride and walk safely.


Justin Kristan

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